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About Products

"SKITRES - Restaurant POS System is a fully automated software application for restaurants that is quite flexible and can be adapted easily to your individual business needs."

"From quick order punching to reporting and KOT's to online payments everything works in sync with the SKITRES's restaurant POS software."

"A user friendly, quick and efficient Point of Scale system, is exactly what your restaurant needs."

Key Features

Online Order and

Allow your customers to place orders on your own website, enticing them with offers without having to rely on online aggregators.

Automated KOT

Kitchen order ticket will be generated automatically and sent to the respective kitchens (if you have multiple kitchen) once the order was confirmed.

Table Reservation

The simple and clear calendar efficiently manages bookings / guest reservations and table availability information inclusive of merging / demerging tables.

Contactless Ordering

Customers can choose for the 'Contact less ordering service and dining experience' The customer scans a QR code on his/her mobile and sees the menu online for placing order thus enabling a contactless ordering system.

Takeaway Orders

A takeaway ordering system will make it possible for customers to order products wherever they are and pick them up once they reached the restaurants.


Customers can use the menu card to select the food items. The waiters will collect the orders from the customers. Food will be delivered by the waiters.

How does the
POS Technology Works

Variety of


Online ordering system
Restaurant Website
Table reservation
Waiter view app
Scan and Order
Feedback Management


Kitchen display system
Token Management
Analytics and Report


For Owner

  • Admin App
  • Access Control
  • Sales Overview

For Staff

  • Simple & Easy billing process
  • Sending e-bill
  • Acceptance of orders with ease
  • Token management - speeds up online order dispatch
  • For chief - KDS
  • Waiter view dashboard

For Customers 

  • Contactless dining experience
  • Scan, Order and Pay
  • Table Reservation
  • Food Delivery options and take away options

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