SKITRES Point Of Sale
User Guide and Work Flow

A Simple, sleek and smart technology

To manage your daily restaurant activities and grow your business

An Overview of the SkitRes - A Restaurant Point of Sale

Waiter View

View to take new order, adding additional orders in the table, table transfer

Taking New Order
Select the table -> Click New order -> Search the Food items and the items by clicking on that

 In waiter Screen

Can add the Food quantity, enter the number of guests, Add/create the Customer and can delete the ordered items as easy as you would do in mobile.

 Table Transfer

By clicking on the transfer button – waiter can transfer the T1 order to other tables as per Customer wish

 Additional order

Waiter can add the food item by clicking Confirm Order again

Once Confirmed by the Waiter, these food items will get reflected in the Kitchen Automaticallywith timer and Table details

Kitchen View

 Kitchen staff can change the status into “Ready to pick up” “Delivered”

 Once all the Food items got delivered from Kitchen – Table order will get disappeared from the Kitchen view

Cashier View

 Can enter the amount given by the Customer, change should be given will be automatically calculated and shown.

 Can Invoice the Bill to Customer through Mail ID

 Can print the Bill also

Once “Validated”

You can go to the Next order seamlessly

Table Reservation

Select the table -> Click Reservation ->Enter the details and confirm the


That Particular table will be blocked 15 mins before and after the event Scheduled to avoid unnecessary confusions.

Take away order Management

Order ->Pay ->Get Delivered

Online Order Management

 Login by entering the OTP ->Add the Food items to your cart ->check out with the Restaurant -> Once confirmed by the Restaurant ->Pay ->Get Delivered

 You can track and see the Real Time status of your order

Can add the Food items to the Cart and Check out with the Restaurant

Restaurant can “Confirm” the item or “ Cancel” the Food items

“Cancelled” message will get Reflected in the Kitchen with the alternative options

Once payment is done by the Customer

Kitchen staff will start to prepare the Food items

Customers can track their in Real Time

Contact Less Dine In

 Customers need to scan the QR code in their table

 They will be immediately redirected to the restaurant Menu page

Can add the food items -> Pay -> enjoy the Food without the interaction of Restaurant staffs

Try to check Demo Logins with the following credentials.,

Waiter View - waiter / 123

Kitchen View - kitchen / 123

Cashier View - cashier / 123

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